One must be patient during the journey, and not expect the real deal to happen immediately. You might expect a sudden burst of physics, gravity-defying physics to alter your body, almost physically. And the travel can be very obliviating. Don’t be fooled. Don’t over-think it. Don’t fall for the tricks of the world. Go deep within yourself and search for the answer. The real, only meaningful reason. For the one that matters. It will come to you. And you will realise the worth, the value of that journey. It may be starlit, still, very suffocating, congested. But the journey will show you the real WAY. The brilliantly lighted way. And the destination is just just. There you won’t have to worry about being….. politically  correct. You won’t have to worry about using the right words, pleasing the right people, kissing the right asses. The brainless state won’t be there to question you, challenge your tenets, kill your curiosity, slash your wisdom. You’ll only think about the Floydian tunes, that will guide you on the way, because they have been aptly created by the appropriately “enlightened” ones, for they know where  you’re going, and what the journey is about. There won’t be a drummer, or a vocalist. But there will be an extreme sound. Otherworldly. All the negative forces, all the positive forces, meet in the middle world, ready to FUCK YOU in your head. But you won’t mind it one bit. Because you’ve already been FUCKED!