He was skating on a curved rail. And he suddenly tripped. The physical lurch was almost too much to handle He lost THE BALANCE, and slipped into another territory. He got off his horse, and suddenly he realised, he was PETRIFIED. He had never fallen before. These sensations were alien, foreign, and it scared him. He needed time to adjust. But more importantly, he needed someone to tell him WHERE he was. This place was hollow, dark and wet.

He found his feet. He looked around him. There was nothing he recognized. But the BAD feeling was gone. The BAD feeling was replaced by a EUPHORIC feeling. He could SEE. Just as he had been told, by the highly sensitive person. Now he wished that HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON was with him. This experience would have been more fulfilling. But a lone trip is quite a crazy experience as well. He could see the dance, just as it was supposed to be danced. And for the first time, he started to enjoy the music.

The next trip would be a “Joint” venture.