If we ever meet

(On a sunny Sunday, I know that would be the best day of my life)

You know what I’d say

(I’d tell you to be happy, and I know you’d be for you are wise)


Look around you now

(See how the leaves and flowers, they whisper in a sweet romance)

Hear the music play

(Let it build inside your head, and let it put you in a trance)


What a beautiful day!

Such a beautiful day!


When you sing your song

(That melody will never fade, it’s stuck inside my head)

With the words you say

(Those are the very words you said, those are the very words I read)


All the seasons change

(They frolic in the wind and sing to me about a mystery)

Colours dance and play

(They dazzle me, they fill my senses, teasing me like poetry).


What a beautiful day!

Such a beautiful day!!!


Bird scene