It was a cozy orange lit room

The artists sat next to the lamp

A picture of shadows

Dancing on the walls

This was the room of artists

A psychedelic tune

On loop rang through the room

Reverberating in the space

That glowing voice

Building in your head

The hand drum, resounding

With every thud, in your heart.

The singers wailed their lament

In soulful, doleful melodies

An orchestra of harmonies and echoes

And the music brings everyone, to one place

The same heaven, happily.

A crescendo of sounds

Crashing everywhere around them

Filling the spaces and places.

A lone man takes his moment

To enthrall, captivate, amaze his audience.

Lots of bated breaths

As they listened to the sound

Of their hearts melting.

Will we see today how music

United the whole world?

For a few precious moments

All hearts beat in sync

All thoughts echoed the other

For a few precious moments.

And then the symphony was ended

The hearts and minds became bitter

Bitter again.

Everybody realised they were naked

They realised that without the music

They were bare, skeletal, empty, void

And they returned to their sorry lives

Miserable and wretched