A miserable start to an almost miserable day. She wondered why no one was there yet. The room was actually crowded, but with people she didn’t know. They looked as though they belonged to some sort of club…film-makers of sorts. They were a very noisy bunch. The pounding in her head was getting louder. Maybe it was time to leave.


She glanced around the room in annoyance. She wished they would leave. She was here first, after all. And there was nowhere she could go anyway. The people she’d been trying to call were not responding. Idiots.


Oh wait, some of them were moving. Yes! But the room was still not empty. She looked around, and caught one boy looking at her. He smiled, tentatively. She returned a frown. The boy looked embarrassed and quickly turned his face away. She was in no mood to socialize today. Those miserable people had completely turned her off.


She thought of the handsome chap who lived in her building. They had hung out a few days ago. Had some wine. Smoked some weed. Made out a little. But he was lousy at that. So she was not going to do THAT again. No sir. She thought of the pretty girl in her class. Long, curly locks. Sexy thighs. They had hung out yesterday. Had some wine. Smoked some weed. And made out too. A lot. That she wouldn’t mind doing again. She smiled fondly. Then she got up to leave.