The little girl looked on, a greedy gleam in her eyes. The table was more laden this year than the last, but there were still not enough presents. She gave a little frown and wandered off to look for her parents. Hateful parents. How selfish they were being. Everyone knows Christmas means more presents. They needed to have “the talk”.

She found the parents in the yard. They were standing next to a large box, which was wrapped in very pretty paper. For a brief moment, she was distracted by the large parcel. Then she remembered the other presents at the table, and her anger returned. She stormed out into the yard, face scrunched up into an ugly mask. With arms flailing madly, she launched into a high pitched scream. She felt a rush of rage wash over her. Her face hurt from the forced tears. Why couldn’t they understand that she needed more toys? More dolls, more make-up, more tick-tock shoes, more clothes, more more more more.


The parents sighed helplessly. This year was going to be the same. They wondered how to handle the situation. Would the pony help? They really had no clue. Tentatively, they reached out to the girl, but she only screamed louder. In response, they quickly unwrapped the giant box. Voila! there stood the most magnificent pony. The girl at once quieted down. She looked uncertainly at the pony. Was this supposed to make her happy? No, she decided. Picking up a pebble near her foot, she hurled it at the pony with all the strength she could muster, and ran inside the house. The parents would not be forgiven.

Greedy Little Miss