She’s sprawled on the floor, her tail happily wagging in her dreams. This heat is too oppressive, and Dixie is enjoying a lazy afternoon  nap. She seems so unassuming this way. All sleepy and apathetic. Almost…harmless.

She stirs restlessly. Her doggie senses are tingling. There’s a disturbance in the force. Who dares to invade her territory? Somebody is going to pay handsomely. She cocks one lazy ear up, straining to listen to the sounds outside. Propping herself up on her front legs, she peeps out from behind the door…..growling.

The stranger at the gate hesitates as he sees razor sharp teeth snarling at him from a distance. He feels an overwhelming surge of panic creeping in. The beast has moved outside the door and is slowly advancing toward him. He grips tightly onto the gate, paralysed with fear. His breath is ragged. His palms clammy. In one leap, the beast is upon him. His cries can be heard 5 houses away. As Dixie digs in to the bloody mess in front of her, the other beasts gather round, eyeing the sight with great enthusiasm. Dixie finishes her meal with one last crack of bone and walks away. Leftovers are for pussies.

So adorable when she does that….

If you click here you will see Dixie doggie at work.