The happy couple giggle hopelessly as they pack a picnic basket. Today is their sixth month together. So that means they must celebrate it by spending the day together, out in the woods.

She stands by the door, hands on her hips. “Are you ready, darling?” He turns to smile at her, shows her the car keys in his hand, and they’re off.

The drive to Nevermore Lake is very picturesque. She turns the radio up, let’s her hair down, and drinks in the cool mountain air.

An hour later, they’ve arrived. Her heart leaps as she watches him disappear behind the trunk of the car. She turns around to observe her surroundings. “Oh there’s a cliff”. She walks towards it, standing at the edge. She turns up the volume on her iPod. With earphones plugged into her ears, the music cranked up, she turns to face the panorama, and shuts her eyes. Losing herself slowly in the grand melodies, she feels lifted up. Now she’s floating in a vast space, carefree. This feels so real.

He looks on into the space, with a heavy heart. But now he feels a calm, much-anticipated, well-deserved. Today had finally come. She was finally out of his life. He puts his hands in his pockets, notices a pebble next to his foot, and kicks it into the abyss. “See you with her”, he mutters. He walks back to the car, and drives off into the sunset. There’s a peanut-butter sandwich at home.