Vague tunes can be heard in the background. Telepop music, perhaps. Dim lights flash randomly, a plethora of neon psychedelic colours.  Glasses are clinking everywhere over the hum of mindless chatter. Just another night at the new bar in town.

The handsome young man leans across the bar as he shouts out his order. One large bourbon, please.  His eyes scan the room. He’s on the prowl. Who shall be his lady-love for tonight? He sips his bourbon, savouring the movement of the golden liquid gliding down his throat.

He catches sight of a pretty redhead at the far end of the room. She’s deep in conversation with a girlfriend. They’re sipping cocktails. Redhead and Friend are sitting close to each other,  seductive smiles playing on their lips, and they have eyes for no other. The man grins lazily in their direction. Will I get lucky tonight? Time for another round. As he starts on his next drink, he scouts the room for other possibilities, but his eyes fall once more on the redhead and Friend. Something has changed though.

Redhead looks upset. There’s an urgency in her movements, and she’s gesturing wildly with her hands. Friend looks a little indifferent. Time to move in for the kill perhaps? The young man chuckles to himself. Oh it’s going to be a great night indeed .Lady-love of the night will have something to be happy about soon enough.


The young man downs the remainder of his drink in one large gulp and heads away from the bar. Closer now to the two ladies, he can see that the redhead looks angry and has tears in her eyes. Hmm, a feisty one, eh? Sweet. He rapidly approaches the women, and in his haste, bumps into a stranger, just as a loud “pop” is heard. He frowns. What was that?

He returns his gaze to the redhead. What’s that in her hand? It has a deadly black glint to it. Friend has disappeared. No wait, there she is, lying on the floor at the spot she was standing. Why is she on the floor? What’s that dark liquid? Where is it coming from? Suddenly, a woman screams loudly, as the music stops and everyone turns to stare at the redhead and the lifeless body of Friend. The young man sighs and starts to walk away. Damn, not tonight then.