(Here’s a poem I found online and wanted to share)

Molly, my sister, and I fell out

And what do you think it was all about?

She loved coffee, and I loved tea

And that was the reason we couldn’t agree!!


The battle ‘tween coffee and tea has been going on forever.

And you?? Are you a coffee addict, or a tea lover?

But hey, they’re both popular, there’s no debate.

You could have either, with biscuits or with cake.

Cappuccino, frappuccino, what’s in a name?

Black tea or green tea, they all look and sound the same.

It’s well known that, coffee is not my cup of tea.

For tea works wonderfully well for me.

At the end of the day though,

When you want to relax and take it slow.

A cup of coffee works just fine.

Or a cup of tea is ever mine, and ever thine.




My funky teacup