Which one are you?? Here’s a piece by my friend Meryllino D’souza.

Simply Put

How many times have you had to play chauffeur to friends, family or just people from your building that makes you want to pull your hair because of how annoying they are? Whether you like it or not you have do it because of the moral obligation involved. Nevertheless, mentioned below are some of the worst passengers to have in your car.

1. The sleeper

These guys come in all shapes and sizes. They go to sleep the instant the car starts moving and miraculously wake up when they have reached their destination. They’re boring and not to mention disgusting when they drool all over your back seat.

2. The puke-ster

Motion sickness is a pain. You do not want someone who suffers from it in your car, old or new. These guys just cannot handle a drive that exceeds half an hour. One second life is beautiful and everything is going great and…

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